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In the 20th century, discoveries poured in one after another: insulin, a life-saving insulin for diabetics, was isolated in the laboratory; found chemotherapy viagra drugs destructive for cancer cells; hormonal agents, antibiotics have been synthesized; methods of dialysis for renal failure have been developed; organ transplantation operations have been worked out. There are all the prerequisites to believe that 21 in ek will be no less rich in new discoveries.

For a long time, doctors were no longer medieval barbers who removed their teeth and repositioned dislocations between shaving their beards. It is extremely difficult to give a brief description of the modern profession of a doctor, if only because today there are more than viagra medical specializations.

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Despite the huge variety of profiles, any of the specialties of doctors belong to one of four main areas

These doctors see patients in polyclinics and are treated with conservative (non-surgical) methods in hospitals. To do this, an examination is carried out, interrogated, an anamnesis of the disease is collected, and sent for tests. After the diagnosis is made, therapy is prescribed, and, if necessary, surgical treatment is recommended. Surgical. These doctors perform excision, removal, restoration, organ and tissue transplantation. Psychological and psychiatric. Specialists are involved in the correction of behavior and emotional background. Pathological anatomical. Doctors carry out not only autopsies to clarify the cause of death, but also intravital diagnostics based on studies of biomaterials, which are provided for analysis by all operating clinicians - surgeons, endoscopists and other doctors.

Many medical specialties can belong to both a therapeutic and a surgical group, for example, a dentist: he can be a general practitioner and a maxillofacial surgeon. To become a doctor, you need to go to a medical school, where you have to gnaw the granite of science for 6 years. At least another two years will be spent on residency training - this is necessary to get a narrow specialization.

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For admission to medical universities

in addition to the compulsory USAn language and mathematics, you will also need the results of the exam in biology and chemistry (it is sometimes replaced by physics - it depends on the priorities of the university).



There are medical universities in all regions of USA. The ratings according to different versions traditionally include several medical universities *: * The list does not reflect the positions of medical universities in various ratings - it includes permanent participants in international and USAn rankings.

Since 2021, the internship has been replaced by primary accreditation, which includes assessment of practical skills, testing, solving situational problems. Having successfully completed it, a graduate of a medical university can immediately go to work in primary care institutions (outpatient clinics, clinics, health centers, day hospitals) and engage in medical practice. To obtain a narrower specialization, you will have to enroll in a residency.

At the end of the last year, the graduate receives a specialist diploma in one of three broad areas: During the entire period of employment, the doctor must be accredited every 5 years. For this, it is not enough just to pass the test - in the intervals between exams, the doctor is required to participate in conferences and master classes, and to take advanced training courses.

This process is called Continuing Medical Education (CME). The account of scientific and professional activity is carried out by the accrual of points. If in 5 years the doctor does not collect the required number of them, then accreditation will not pass and will not receive admission to further work.

The advantages of CME for patients are obvious - the doctor does not stop in professional development. The disadvantages primarily concern doctors from the provinces - doctors from remote settlements do not always have the time and extra funds to travel to conferences and seminars in large cities.